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Research Groups By Country
Country Research Group Research Interests Keywords
turkey Food Processing & Quality Research Group Our research interest as follows: -Bioactive food ingredients - Food encapsulation - Thermal processing - in vitro digestion and bioaccessibility - Food flavor compounds - Food quality analysis...
turkey philosophers Ev ve ofis... gizem
turkey Organic Synthesis and Natural Products This is a test group....
pakistan neurosciences research group Our research focuses on the mechanism to understand the neuronal and molecular basis of disease with an emphasis on extending therapeutics in depression, anxiety, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addiction, and memory dysfunction.... obesity leptin resistance serotonin
pakistan pakistan society of venom researchers Isolation of medicinally important peptides from venom... biochemistry toxicology venom protein chemistry toxin
pakistan plant proteomics Plant Biochemistry, Plant Proteomics, Clinical Proteomics, Computational genomics and proteomics, In-silico Drug Designing. ... Proteomics plant proteomics oilseeds
pakistan dr. akhtar' s research group I have done my PhD in Organic Chemistry (December, 2013) from Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan; in addition to my BSc and MSc degrees. I have isolated a novel and reported bioactive compounds from various natural sources. During my PhD, I worked in a international research cen... phytochemical mycochemical nmr esi-ms/ms maldi-tof fab (+ and -) and ei-ms.
pakistan catalysis & green chemistry Catalysis, Organometallics, Green Chemistry, Suzuki Coupling, Borylation, Organic Electronic Materials, Energy... green chemistry catalysis organometallics suzuki coupling borylation organic electronic materials energy
pakistan pediatric research group [prg] Genetics, Pediatrics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Cancer Research, Cardiology, Neuro-oncology...
india Prof. Siva Umapathy Laser Spectroscopy Group Study of Ultrafast Kinetics Interrogation of nuclear dynamics at the temporal resolution of nuclear motion  Ultrafast Raman Loss Spectroscopy Ultrafast stimulated Raman has provided a new way to acquire vibrational signature of the transient species in a photochemical transformation.... ultrafast kinetics nuclear dynamics ultrafast raman loss spectroscopy vibrational raman signature photo-pump
india sensor and iots Wireless sensor networks Internet of Things Serverless Computing Fog Computing Edge Computing Cloud Computing... wireless senosr networks
brazil Nanobionics Research Group MESOSCOPIC ELECTROCHEMISTRY Mesoscopic electrochemistry can be said to be a branch of physical electrochemistry at nanoscale and rigorously is a branch of mesoscopic physics in general, which is established as an interdisciplinary field that deals with systems of an intermediate crucial leng... mesoscopic electrochemistry molecular diagnostics molecular electronics quantum electrochemistry affimer and aptamer sensors
germany Schoenebeck Research Group Organometallic Reactivity: Mechanistic Studies and Catalyst Design Detailed mechanistic understanding is key to designing better catalysts. In catalysis, it is frequently challenging to obtain such mechanistic insights however, as cycles tend to be complex and key intermediates might not be ... organometallic mechanistic studies catalyst design computational reactivity studies qm qm/mm stereochemistry
germany sustainable catalysis lab For much of modern history, the use of simple chemical units has served as the primary platform from which to build molecular complexity. While modifications of these feedstock chemicals has enabled incredible progress in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and materials industries, the process itself... catalysis synthetic methods new reagents synthesis mechanistic
spain Organometallic Compounds and Catalysis (COMORCA) The group works within the Organometallic Chemistry field with a strong focus on the development of new homogeneous catalysts and their applications in the synthetic organic chemistry, giving special attention to those catalytic reactions of practical application in industry. During the last year... organometallic homogeneous catalysis synthetic organic chemistry stereoselective green chemistry
spain Organometallic Chemistry and Sustainable Catalysis group We are working on Organometallic Chemistry and Sustainable Catalysis. ... organometallic sustainable catalysis
spain Freixa's Group - light-tunable organometallic compounds The long-term goal of the research line that we pursue is the development of light-tunable organometallic compounds, for a wide range of applications, being catalysis the main focuss. After some initial explorative years, we have a set of synthetic tools to readily incorporate azobenzene deriva... organometallic light-tunable catalysis azobenzene photoswitches organometallic complexes oled photoswitchable catalysts
spain Research Group of Selective Organic Synthesis Research Group of Selective Organic Synthesis... synthesis selective organic synthesis
spain esteruelas group organometallics and catalysis RESEARCH Our aim is to deepen in the knowledge of the metal-σ bond interactions, determining the chemical nature of the different species found, its relationship with the kind of rupture of the bonds and its application to the development of processes and materials of interest for society. ... metal-σ bond interactions catalysts reversible dehydrogenation amine-boranes borylation of organic molecules
spain pericas group - green approaches to catalysis for fine chemicals We also believe in excellent research. We have received a total of 18 European Research Council (ERC) grants, so far. The ERC’s mission is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-driven frontier research ac... catalysis computational chemistry co2 recycling renewable fuels artificial photosynthesis
spain ruben group - new catalytic methods for the synthesis of relevant molecules through the activation of inert entities Activation of inert entities has been and continues to be of extreme interest to any organic chemist. This is especially true with activation of atmospheric molecules such as CO2 or also the activation of relatively inert C-H, C-C or C-O bonds. Certainly, the development of catalytic methods for the... co2 activation c-h functionalization c-c functionalization c-o functionalization complexes metal-catalyzed activation
austria Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL) HeuristicLab is a framework for heuristic and evolutionary algorithms that is developed by members of the Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL) since 2002. The developers team of HeuristicLab uses this page to coordinate efforts to improve and extend HeuristicLa... ionic liquids ionic liquid-based microemulsions nanomaterials polymer composites microemulsions
sweden The Selander Research Group Our laboratory is currently working on the development of new selective transformations in organic synthesis. Our research interests involve catalysis with transition metals and Lewis acids based on metals and main group elements. Our main objective is to access new selective methods for substrate a... catalysis selective transformations transformations organic synthesis substrate activation heterocyclic
canada Murphy Lab - Synthesis Research areas Our research group focuses on the use of hypervalent iodine (HVI) reagents as a method of organic synthesis. In our lab, we use HVI reagents to add halogens to molecules and produce cyclopropane systems. Radiofluorination is a technology at the centre of the development of ... organic synthesis hypervalent iodine cyclopropane radiofluorination positron-emitting tomography monocarbonyl iodonium ylides carbene
finland Natural Chemistry Research Group Research The core of our research is related to classical phytochemistry where we focus especially on chemically demanding polyphenols, i.e. tannins Tannin and Polyphenol Chemistry Qualitative Analysis of Polyphenols Quantitative Analysis of Plants Chemical Ecolog... natural products bioactivity metabolites quantitative analysis qualitative analysis
mexico Dr. Anna Kózina Research Group RESEARCH   Phase behaviour, structure and dynamics of highly concentrated colloidal dispersions. Rheology of complex fluids. Synthsis and characterization of model colloidal particles. Development, synthesis, characterization of nanostructured materials for different applicatio...
sri lanka Natural Products Research Group of Prof. E. Dilip de Silva Research  A majority of the pharmaceuticals in clinical use today (especially antibiotics and anticancer agents) have their origins in nature, isolated mainly from terrestrial plants and soil microorganisms. Sri Lanka is a tropical island with exceptionally high biodiversity and endemism thu...
bangladesh Material Chemistry Research Lab Research areas: Physicochemical properties of ionic liquids and their applications Ionic liquid-based microemulsions Nanomaterials and polymer composites Microemulsions as nanoreactors for preparation of metallic, metallic oxide, core-shell nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites Mole... ionic liquids nanomaterials microemulsions polymer composites core-shell nanoparticles electrodeposition
united kingdom O'Hara Research Group - Template Metallation Chemistry Template Metallation Chemistry  taking advantage of the special chemistry which occurs when organometallic alkali metal compounds are combined with magnesium ones, it has been possible to metallate substituted arenes at positions other thanortho-. Chiral Ligand Incorporation in Heterobime...
united kingdom Chemical Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Specific research projects include: Enzyme Catalysis: understanding enzyme catalysis, including reactive intermediates. Applications in inhibitor discovery and biocatalyst development for green biotransformations. Protein-Protein Interactions: identification of cyclic peptide inhibit... enzyme catalysis protein-protein interactions post-translational modifications lipidomics bionanophotonics
united states carrero group - heterogeneous catalysis Our research focuses on the design and synthesis of active, selective/productive, and stable solid catalysts for the upgrading of (unconventional) crude oil, biomass-derived constituents, and natural gas. We are inspired by industrially attractive reactions that positively impact both current and fu... organic synthesis catalysis heterogeneous catalysts upgrading of crude oil biomass
united states fromen research group - about the lungs   Three main areas of interest include: 1. Leveraging 3D printing to advance in vitro tools for pulmonary drug delivery testing 2. Using engineered particles to probe lung biology and immune function 3. Engineering novel therapeutics for controlled immune stimulation in the lung... 3d printing pulmonary drug delivery lung immune immune stimulation therapeutics
australia hamid arandiyan - heterogeneous catalysis Research interests Heterogeneous Catalysis of Mixed Oxides Molecular Catalysis Science Control Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials for Catalysis Dr. Hamid Arandiyan’s research interests are mainly on new synthesis of macroporous and mesoporous metal oxide nano-materials for energy... catalysis heterogeneous catalysts co2 combustion syngas mesoporous materials mixed oxides
nigeria environmental pollution and health research team Pollution Control Management Waste Management Water Quality Air Pollution Environmental Impact Assessment... pollution