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What Moderator Do?

Moderator adds universities from various countries and journals from internet to the database. Additionally search professors from various universities and departments and enter their names and emails in the database. After clicking "Send" button, our system will automatically send them an introductory email. Moderator gets points for every addition. Later we will open franchise offices in various countries. You need 100 points to open a franchise. Another option is you become our reseller. You sell our educational softwares to universities etc. and on each contract, you get 50%.

What Editor Do?

Editors can start their own journals and manage it. After the journal become popular, the editor can charge authors to accept papers. To create your own journal, you should first apply for an editor post.

What Reviewer Do?

When papers are submitted to the journals, editor forward these papers to the reviewers. If the journal accepts research papers on payments, the editor must pay to the reviewers. So, for example, if the journal charge the author 100 USD for one paper, editor should pay 25USD to each reviewer (total 50 USD to two reviewers).